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It’s payback time for the climate and consumers want business to do good.

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Why sustainability with ekko?

Everyone’s different

We offer simple plug-ins and fully integrated solutions, and we can tailor them to customer demand and your product set.

Positive ROI

You can leverage sustainability to save on costs, engage and attract customers, and ready your business for tomorrow.

High integrity

We partner with leaders who set the global standard for sustainability. Our goal is for transparency with the impact of all projects.

Who it’s for

How does it work, then?

Once you tell us about your business needs and impact priorities, we work with you to define what this might look like in a sustainability solution for your customers and tech stack. 


Shoppers give back at the checkout in support of the causes they care about.

  • Simple plugin for checkout
  • Merchant customisable
  • Launch in days

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Shoppers understand their footprint and can take action in a simple tap. 

  • Quick to integrate plug-in
  • Customised for your terminal
  • Real-time merchant dashboards

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Profit and purpose

The greater the positive impact your customers make, the larger the revenue opportunity for your business—or you can amplify your impact by paying it forward. 

  • Simple commercial model
  • Revenue aligned with impact
  • Low cost


Business and reporting

You get all the information you need to monitor your impact and maintain good governance. Have clear conversations about the issues you support with everyone, from customers to staff and shareholders to all your third parties, including government and NGOs.

Data points

Receive real-time, segmented data about your customers' spending and corresponding environmental impact.

Deep insights

With our insight-friendly impact dashboard, data is analysed in real-time across the group, brand and customer segment levels.  

Easy to export

Showcase your sustainability efforts in board packs, annual reports and disclosures for shareholders, tendering, and marketing purposes.

Jordan Lawrence Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer at Volt

“I am incredibly excited by what this partnership will bring. The environment is very close to mine and Volt’s heart, and solutions like ekko’s help to make the real difference that we believe our sector should strive to do. Combining real-time payments with real-time environmental capabilities is the perfect marriage”


Join the change makers

ekko partners with global leaders in every field of sustainability, leveraging best-in-class data and initiatives from around the world. Get the facts on impact or learn about us.

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