Your Trees

Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition is restoring forests in Earth’s most vulnerable geographies. They have a goal of planting 100 million trees, designed to combat the urgent and very real threat of human activity putting our most essential forests at risk. 

Why is planting trees so important?  

Restoring forests is a simple and powerful way of capturing CO2 and mitigating climate change. Remember when you were taught to “keep it simple” at school? It turns out, simple really is best! Let’s break this down a bit more: 

  • Forests regulate the world’s oxygen and carbon cycles. They control local and regional climates by exchanging water and energy with the atmosphere, dig it?  

  • Restoring the planet’s forests is a cost-efficient and highly effective solution for mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas solutions.  

  • There is a tremendous risk if forest protection and reforestation is not made a global priority, because of the enormous amount of CO2 stored by trees.  

  • Sustainable reforestation helps to reduce the occurrence of climate-related disasters, such as fires and flooding.  

  • Growing trees brings economic value to local people – up to $30 for every $1 invested in restoring land – that all adds up!  

The Priceless Planet Coalition has a big goal and we think hearing direct from them what their plans looks like is a good way to go: 

“The Priceless Planet Coalition will employ a forest restoration model dedicated not only to the planting of 100 million trees but also to the regrowing of forests in geographies that represent the greatest global need. Areas with the greatest potential for positive impacts on climate, community and biodiversity goals will be prioritised as we set out to restore forestland across the globe. 


Guided by Conservation International and World Resources Institute, we will employ science-based best practice for the selection, implementation and long-term monitoring of our restoration efforts. It is this approach that we believe sets the Priceless Planet Coalition apart, both in its sheer scale and in the quality of the work we plan to undertake.” 

What does that all mean?  

It means that when you spend using your ekko card, the tree you plant every time you hit fifty transactions is planted in an area that needs it the most. It means that your tree will be looked after and maintained for the first five years of its life. It means that for every transaction you make using your ekko debit card, there is a positive reaction – right on!