Radical Transparency

The good, the bad, and the grey-green areas.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting. It sounds pretty cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to offset their carbon footprint and do their bit to help fight the effects of climate change? We hear you and we’re with you; that’s why we offer an “Offsetter” ekko membership, which includes ekko offsetting the carbon for your spend on your ekko debit card. But what does “offsetting” actually mean?

Your Bottles

Every five transactions made using your ekko debit card saves a plastic bottle before it reaches our oceans – right on! We’re able to do this through our partnership with Prevented Ocean Plastic™. We think they’re pretty groovy and we hope you think so too – keep reading to learn more about how it all works!

Your Trees

Every fifty transactions made using your ekko debit card plants a tree – groovy! Your trees are planted in partnership with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition. Want to know more? We thought you might!

Your Carbon Meter

The constraints of earth resources only allow for climate change agnosticism up to a point. Past that point, climate change begins to have a material impact on the bottom line for businesses. This is the point when they will be forced to bridge the gap between sustainable development and sustainable profits.