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Elevate sustainability as an employee perk

ekko incentives is a revolutionary card and tech platform that gauges, monitors, curtails, and offsets the carbon footprint of each transaction, granting your employees the gift of eco-friendly living.

Because saving the planet is everyone’s business.

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Unique engagement

Ignite your team’s sustainable spirit

With 89% of employees urging their employers to prioritise sustainability, seize this moment to enhance your benefits package for both your people and our planet.

Top performing team
Bottles 8,234
Trees 2,745

Easy implementation

Go green in just a week

ekko incentives streamlines the path to sustainability for your team. Bid farewell to intricate integrations, data sharing hurdles, and lengthy workshops.

Team engagement

Spark friendly eco-rivalries

Leverage ekko incentives’ real-time company dashboard to monitor impact, engage your employees uniquely, and fuel daily eco-competitions among teams and departments.

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Unleash your team’s positive eco-impact

Empower your employees with ekko cards to effortlessly track their carbon footprints in real-time and make greener choices. Monitor personal and company impacts, receive smart nudges, and offset your footprints through meaningful causes.

Seamlessly place ESG at the core of your business and team’s lives, and make a lasting, positive impact together.

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How it works?

Empower your employees to embrace sustainability with unprecedented ease.

The card

Provide your team with an ekko card, and each time they use it, they’ll see a real-time snapshot of the carbon footprint generated by their purchases.

Powerful behavioural nudges enable your employees to reduce their impact through real-time, actionable insights.

Your dashboard

The HR dashboard offers complete visibility of the carbon offset by you and your employees, the number of trees planted this year, and the plastic bottles saved from entering the ocean.

It serves as a tool for your community and company to strive for significant and meaningful change.

The offset

Every expenditure on the card is carbon offset, enabling your employees to live more sustainably.

With just a few taps, your team can save a plastic bottle from entering the ocean or plant a tree that is not only planted but also maintained and audited.

Your Impact

Utilise your customised dashboard to showcase your team’s impact on the world, including the trees you’ve planted, the plastic bottles saved from entering the oceans, and the carbon footprint offset as a company.

Share your impact with customers, shareholders, or stakeholders as a proud ekko employer.

Our Partners

ekko incentives is partnered with some of the worlds leading brands

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Discover how ekko’s multi-award winning platform can inspire and empower your employees towards sustainability.

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