Making an impact on the world

Behind the scenes with ekko and partners.  


What issues can you get involved in? 

We partner with organisations across key environmental areas including carbon reduction and removal projects, wildlife protection, preventing plastic from entering our oceans, reforestation, and more. As an ekko customer, you can choose where your support goes.


with Gold Standard

Leading climate impact projects with the highest credibility, impacting local communities as much as they do the climate.


with Conservation International

Empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the well-being of humanity.


with RSPB

Large-scale bird conservation, habitat protection and restoration, and helping to save species from extinction. 


with Tusk

Forward-thinking conservation intervention from the plains of the Serengeti to the rainforests of the Congo Basin.


with Prevented Ocean Plastic

Support the circular economy with products made from plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution.


Understanding your impact

You get all the information you need to monitor your impact and maintain good governance. Have clear conversations about the issues you support with everyone, from customers to staff and shareholders to all your third parties, including government and NGOs.

Data points

Receive real-time, segmented data about your customers' spending and corresponding environmental impact.

Deep insights

With our insight-friendly impact dashboard, data is analysed in real-time across the group, brand and customer segment levels.  

Easy to export

Export reports into board packs to showcase your brand's sustainability efforts for shareholders, tendering, and marketing purposes.

Majda Dabaghi Advisory Board Member at B Lab and Co-founder SME Climate Hub

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at ekko. Our platform ensures that every transaction doesn’t just count financially but also contributes positively to our planet.”

Custodians of the planet, here at the office

From our refurbished tech to our choice of suppliers, we think about the impact of everything we do and are always finding ways to do better.

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